The Kitchen Living Room Mix
The Kitchen Living Room Mix

If one looks back at the historical evolution of kitchens, the most noticeable variation will be observed in the purpose and place of the kitchen in the household arrangement. What once used to be considered a room only for preparing food, and then shifting it into another room – perhaps dining or living area; where the meal was eaten while everyone gathered around to have a quality time, it is now safe to say that the kitchen itself has become the new living room of the house.

Eat-together trend brings people to the table together

Technological advancements and ingenious architectural solutions have now turned kitchens, from strictly functional space, into an attractive ground located at the core of the house composition – around which the daily lives revolve. Ever since everyone has adopted a busy lifestyle, they do not get enough time to stretch separately for family, hence the concept of open kitchen helps them spend the most time with everyone. It is the most popular choice today since people now want the kitchen to be an active part of the family home. Newer homes are designed whilst keeping the living space in mind, therefore, made larger for accommodating larger tables and islands to maintain the natural flow for those lingering back and forth. With our lifestyle becoming more casual, as well as our homes, the walls are literally coming down all around us.

Breaking the walls of limitations

Bearing in mind today’s régime, an open layout for kitchen is considered to be more beneficial for the social life of the family, eliminating the seclusion during food preparation – everyone today can get involved in the food prep! Other than the social benefits, the spacious layout an open kitchen offers, is worth talking about. Even a diminutive home may appear large due to the open and free flowing between the main areas of living premises. The open layout may also encourage you to be tidier if you are a messy homeowner since the wall between kitchen and living area has come down – the idea of having guests over unknowingly, will make you keep your kitchen clean at all times.

Keeping up with the trend, most people have adopted the similar layout, however it all comes down to how well one executes the idea adding as many details as one want, throwing one’s own creativity – the options are endless!