1. Self Service Line: Gas/Electric operated Hot & Cold Self Service Line for institutions, hospitals, messes etc.
  2. Tea Urn : Robust Tea Urn for continuous supply of hot water for beverages.
  3. Cold Bain-Marie : Temperature controlled Cold Bain-Marie for salads, desserts & beverages.
  4. Hot Bain-Marie : Temperature controlled Hot Bain-Marie for rice, curry and hot food.
  5. Soiled Dish Trolley : Trolley for soiled trays and crockery with heavy duty wheels for smooth manoeuvrability.
  6. Room Service Trolley : Electric operated, double jacketed, mobile hospital trolley for hot food.
  7. Cutlery Unit : Cabinet to house trays, glasses, cutlery & cash. Attachable to self service line.
  8. Kiosk: Kiosk for preparing and showcasing different food items at small places and events.