Kitchen Color Inspiration
Kitchen Color Inspiration

Spoiler – Your kitchen doesn’t have to be white.

Kitchen, as said to be the heart of the home, has to be kept in a tip-top condition in order to maintain the level of interest one has in cooking. Once the surrounding is tinted with lit colors, the ambiance of the room reflects on the demeanor of a person, changing the entire mood and vein. Hence, updating a kitchen is also a very popular renovation project and can make a huge difference in the feel of a home.

There are a few things that can be done to turn your kitchen into a total glamour beauty. While white is a constant go-to color for kitchens and is always considered as a classic choice, considering the entire spectrum is a bold step and a whole new zone to explore. Coming down to colors, choosing deep tones such as black and navy blue, add impact to cabinetry, while lighter tones and neutral shades provide a neat look and serve as a backdrop to sculptural pendant lights, tile backsplashes, or displays of serving pieces. Nevertheless, where bold and vivid colors may worry some people coming out as too flashy and loud, one must always remember – what is different and rare, never fails to stand out!

Let’s paint the kitchen!

The fastest way to completely transform a kitchen space, is by painting the cabinets that alter the area and make it appear broad and organized. The most used tones are white, beige and brown; however, colors as bold as purple, red and rust are also appreciated and adds an ecstatic aspect to the room.

You can highlight your kitchen by using other distinct color schemes as well; such as green, vibrant aqua, gray and red which are a rising trend in the market, and are here to turn some heads around. Some may consider going around a single bold shade, while others use minor drawls like rugs, wall art, and bar stool upholstery to reflect a clever effect – all works well for catching the eye and leaving an impression.

Some of the images here will inspire you for dazzling color combinations to give a trendy makeover to your kitchen.