1. Two Burner Stock Pot : Heavy duty two burner, stainless steel Stock Pot for bulk cooking.
  2. Charcoal Grill : High performance Charcoal Grill with Lava Rock for authentic Bar-B-Q flavour.
  3. Hot Plate : Designed for peak productivity & uniform temperature with ribbed or smooth plate.
  4. Convection Oven : Designed to provide uniform heat from all sides for a perfect tender meal.
  5. Cooking Range : High power/open burner hobs with built-in, gas static oven.
  6. Tandoor : Specially developed to give traditional flavour with most efficient gas and space utilization
  7. Hot Plate with Salamander : High performance Hot Plate with efficient Salamander for optimum productivity.
  8. Stock Pot : Heavy duty single burner, stainless steel Stock Pot for bulk cooking.
  9. Deep Fryer : Stainless steel heavy duty Deep Fryer with oil dipped tube burners for maximum efficiency.