Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens
Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

A small kitchen does not mean a disheveled cooking space. Even an undersized kitchen can made to be organized and take up useful spaces for maximum working area. Wondering how? This article will tell you just that!

One easy trick is to hang a pegboard or a cook rack from your ceiling or the door of your cabinets, for your cluttered pots and pans. This will keep your cabinets decluttered and will give you easy access of the cookware as well.

Island shelving – The island base of your kitchen countertop is the perfect place for additional storage. The addition of shelves to the base of your island is a great option for excess storage space.

Fridge Side Shelf – the gap at the side of your fridge can be utilized by shelving a slim pull-out unit for your most used pantry items.

Mounted Dish Drying Rack – Dish drying racks can take up a lot of surface area, which isn’t ideal in a small kitchen space. With mounted dish racks, you can easily declutter your limited counter space while your dishes and cutlery dry.

Two-tiered basket – this will not only create storage for your fruits and vegetables, but will give an overall lively look to your entire kitchen space.

 Skinny Wheeled Storage Rack – Keep all your baking ingredients together on a skinny wheeled storage unit and wheel out all your ingredients together whenever you’re ready to bake cookies, a birthday cake, or fresh homemade bread.

There are so many interesting and different ways to create additional storage space in your kitchen. Whether you decide to add new surfaces, take advantage of wasted space, or maximize wall space, be sure to do so in a way that matches your home’s style and your personality. You’ll be really glad you did.