Since 1968 till today, Prestige Kitchens has marked 50 years with its hard work and persistence in the kitchen manufacturing industry – it has been one hell of a ride! Maintaining one’s position in this competitive world is not an easy task yet with passion and determination, everything can be achieved. We believe in working with only the highest quality material that gives our clients something to always cherish over the years, because we understand kitchen is the core of every household that needs to be made with complete devotion. Therefore, at Prestige, we work under two different categories to provide the best services to our clients under a single roof.

Here you will get all the variety you have been looking for!

At Prestige Kitchens, we work under two categories – Domestic, and Commercial.
We bring you a kitchen that doesn’t stand still, but the spacious, aesthetically designed décor proves to be a good friend of the family. With kitchens carefully designed according to your need, we add a touch of modern technology that allows you to cook in style. With customer-centric quality-price ratio, unparalleled creativity, we have amassed an ever increasing and devoted clientele, making us the most preferred manufacturing brand in Pakistan.

We also provide professional kitchen equipment that are the essentials of the kitchen and improves the efficiency of it.

Wait, there’s more!

Conjoined with the famous Italian brand – ARAN CUCINE, Prestige Kitchens also bring you designs made with precision and blended with world-class craftsmanship that allows you to flaunt it! We strictly believe on delivering quality over quantity which has been one of the pillars of our strength. However, to balance quantity we have our cutting-edge technology and in-house processes enduring stunning and time-tested designs.

New Outlet Opening Soon!

We have improvised over the years working with great passion and fortitude taking a stairway to success, and now expanding to further outlets to cater even more market than before. So, stay tuned for more and better!